Dataset Annotation

Annotation Recommendations

- Website Link:
- Please try to include every visible and distinguishable objects with their corresponding class.
- Please leave a small margin beyond the object's boundary or edge. (Approximately 3-4 pixels).
- Every object should be included as a whole in its rectangular boundary.
- You may go through the Image List to select and annotate the images assigned to you. Next and previous buttons allow you to go through the list one by one.
- Please start with number 1 and annotate images in order.

Website Login

Please read Terms and Conditions and enter your name, e-mail to start annotations.

Keyboard Shortcuts

- Ctrl+click or Shift+click on a region Select multiple regions
- Ctrl+s Save keyframe
- Ctrl+a Select all regions
- Ctrl+c Copy selected regions
- Ctrl+v Paste copied regions
- Del/Backspace Delete selected regions
- n Next image
- p Previous image
- <-/-> Previous/Next image using arrow keys
- Esc De-select selected regions
- +/-Zoom in/out
- r Toggle region boxes (will help remove clutter)
- l Toggle region labels (will help remove clutter)

Example Annotation Steps

1. Select Region Shape
2. Draw the boundary with click, drag, and drop(All four corners can be modified individually with clicking and moving)
3. Select an attribute type
4. Draw the boundary
5. Select an attribute type
6. Click right arrow (or hit the right key) to continue with next image.

- Annotations are saved as you move to the next image.
- Any bounding box can be deleted by clicking inside once and pressing delete on the keyboard.

Annotation Class Types & Descriptions

Example Annotations: Cars

- Please note that there might some screenshots in this presentation that does not show all the necessary annotations for a particular images.
- Each example shows certain class of annotation type. Each bounding box should confine each object with tight limits.

Example Annotations: Cars, Bus and Bicycle

- Please annotate vehicles with rectangular and tight bounding boxes.
- Please select the vehicle type after drawing the boundary.

Example Annotations: Cars, SUV, and Van

Please include hatchback cars within the SUV class. We'll separate those if there is such a need.

Example Annotations: Trucks

Truck Types:

Small: USPS mail truck, Pickup, etc.
Medium: Moving Truck, Garbage Truck, etc.
Large: Tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler etc.

Medium Trucks

Large Trucks

Example Annotations: Traffic Signals

- Please annotate traffic signals if you can differentiate its type (i.e. red, yellow, or green).
- The entire signal box should be marked as one signal object irrespective of whether they are labeling red, yellow, or green.
- There is no need for annotation if traffic sign color is not distinguishable.

- Please the traffic signal light with rectangular bounding boxes.
- Please select the traffic signal light type according to its color.

Example Annotations: Motorcycle

- Please annotate motorcycles as well as bicycles.

Example Annotation: Pedestrian

- Each pedestrian should be annotated as rectangular bounding boxes.
- If pedestrians are too close to each other, they can be classified as GroupOfPeople

Example Annotation: Crossings (with Polygon)

- Please use polygon type annotations for pedestrian crossings.
- Please annotate each crossing by clicking on the corners that limits the object. The last click should be very near the starting click point, if not on top, so that we have a closed contour.
- You may copy and paste crossing annotations between image frames.

For any questions, please email