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This challenge is open to student and professional teams from both industrial organizations and academic institutions and government labs. Teams must submit a proposal to address Smart City challenges based on analysis of city traffic video camera data. Examples of such analysis include novel methods for object detection and tracking, object classification, traffic volume prediction, and deep-learning modeling and computation.

A submitted proposal should include:

- Challenge team information, including names, emails, university/company, etc. Academic teams may have up to 6 student participants and two faculty or post-doctoral fellows.

- A brief description motivating why the challenge problem is important and relevant for AI City, the research community, industry, and society today and going forward for the next 3-5 years.

- A description of a specific set of planned tasks or goals to be accomplished by the team to find a solution for the challenge problem. A short description of proposed methods to be developed can also be included.

- Track 2 submissions may use additional datasets in solving the NVIDIA AI City Challenge. The proposal should include a detailed description of all datasets to be used and their contribution to the performance.

For any questions, please email