Challenge evaluation and criteria

An evaluation panel, consisting of members from both academia and industry, will conduct the reviews and evaluations for all of submissions, including proposals, track-based submissions, and on-site demos and presentations. All submitted challenge proposals, related track submissions, and final demos will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Both tracks: The quality of documents and presentation, and the quantity and quality of annotations.

Track 1 Effectiveness of the object detection, classification task and localization (e.g. F1-score or mean Average Precision, Intersection over Union score).

Track 2: The application requirements and challenges are clearly identified and evaluated; The implementation and demonstration show strong promise in building excitement about AI City applications.

Challenge award

The top 2 teams from each track will receive Award certificates at the presentation ceremony on August 5. The top team from each track will be awarded an NVIDIA Titan Xp card. Each academic team that demonstrates at the Challenge will receive 1 NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and will be provided complimentary registration.

For any questions, please email