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3D Modeling and Printing

Why 3D modeling and printing is important?

3D printing is one of the fastest growing fields in technology. From hardware and software engineering to industrial design and manufacturing, 3D printing industry opportunities are at the forefront of an emerging trend toward fast prototyping, rapid product development, and distributed manufacturing.

What you will learn?

This course provides students a great learning experience and chance to see how 3D printing is transforming our world, as they learn how to design simple 3D objects and successfully prepare them for 3D printing with Autodesk and other open source programs. We will discuss different techniques of 3D printing and real-world applications. In their 3D lab sessions, they make something from scratch based on their 3D design, or they import a more intricate model to use as a starting point—imagine it and create it.

The best part of all? They'll get to actually watch it print and take it home. Students will design multiple objects, and take home at least one printed object of their choice.

What will students take home?

Students will go home with a copy of their 3D printed design & model, and printed 3D objects/components using the provide 3D printer.

Registration Information

• Location: San Jose State University at the Heart of Silicon Valley
•Address: One Washington Square, San Jose, California, USA
•Contact: smartcamp@gmail.com
•Program director: jerry.gao@sjsu.edu
•Accommodation: SJSU Student Dormitory, International Housing or Local Hotel