Learning, Innovation and Leadership


This primary mission of this program is to establish a unique learning and innovation platform for talent university students and high school students at the heart of Silicon Valley, California, USA to allow them to learn how to build innovative solutions using the state-of-the-art smart technology computing techniques through hands-on projects.
   There are three major objectives:
Objective #1 – Provide an innovative learning platform for both local and international students during winter and/or summer breaks so that they are inspired and prepared to be the future STEM students working on future smart cyber computing and physical systems in smart cities and future smart world.
Objective #2 – Bring a broad-impact on both local and international communities by disseminating the cutting research projects and results in SJSU Research Excellence Center on Smart Technology, Computing, and Complex Systems.
Objective #3 - Establishing an effective student recruitment channel to perspective students in local and international schools.

Program description

This unique program focuses on providing students with a snapshot of state-of-the-art smart technology and computing solutions in a short time. It includes the following courses:

3D modeling and printing (introduction level)
• This course provides students a great learning experience and chance to see how 3D printing is transforming our world and objects. Students will learn basic 3D printing techniques and real-world applications through lab sessions and a hands-on project.
Internet of Things (IoT) (introduction level)
• This course covers the basic IoT concepts, and offers important insights on how to overcome these challenges and thrive in this exciting new technology trend. This course provides a snapshot of state-of-the-art IoT technologies, and upcoming IoT clouds. Students will gain hands-on design and development experience on building IoT based components, solutions and systems. .
Basics of Robotics (introduction level)
• This course covers basic concepts of robotics, and provides students a great learning experience in building simple robots for specific activities and scenarios. In addition, the course also introduces the basic programming as well as problem solving strategies. Students will work as a team to learn how to use selected robot-based programming software and language to build a simple robot.
AI and machine learning (introduction level)
• This course provides students a great learning experience and chance to explore basic introductory artificial intelligence topics, and gain hands-on experience projects in one of selected topics. In AI laboratory sessions, they will learn how to apply some basic AI techniques and technologies using the existing tools and technologies..
Smart Home and Green Building
• This course covers basic concepts of smart home and green building, and provides students with green-building standards, on-site tours, and real cases on how to use the state-of-art green technologies to build a smart home and green building solutions. In addition, the course also introduces the basic mobile programming as well as problem solving strategies to support green building and smart home control. Students will work as a team to learn how to solve a smart home or/and green problems. .

In addition, the program also includes two invited sessions:

Face-to-Face with Industry Leaders
• Two industry leaders will be invited to give invited talks on industry trends in smart technologies, smart world, and smart cities.
Meeting with experts
• Two experts are invited from top-tier university (such as UC Berkeley, Stanford, CMU, and UC Santa Cruz) to deliver keynote speeches to the smart camp, and lunch together with students.

Furthermore, the camp program also provides students with a great network activities connecting Silicon Valley researchers, faculty, students, industry leaders, and engineers. Students will attend weekend bus tours visiting Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay attractions.

What participants will receive after the completion of the smart tech and computing camp program?

• A great hands-on learning experience on smart technology and computing.
• A program completion certificate.
• A USB including all program information, photos, and project reports with demos.
• Project awards.
• A social network with speakers, faculty, participants, and local students.

Who should attend?

• Junior and senior university students who like to gain research and development experience in a team environment.
• Junior and senior high school students who like to explore to STEM as future career paths
• University students who want to expand their professional network in Silicon Valley

Who are the instructors and speakers for the camp program?

• Class instructors are selected talent faculty in San Jose State University.
• Invited speakers come from well-known university in California and local campus (such as Stanford, CMU, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC Santa Cruz).
• Industry speakers are invited from leading industry at Silicon Valley as well as successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

Program sponsors

• Sponsored by Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering at San Jose State University.
• Hosted and organized by Silicon Valley Excellent Research Center - Smart Technology, Computing and Complex Systems (STCCS).
• Industry partners: (TBD)

Registration Information

• If you are a Native Local High School Student(US citizen or permanent resident), Please click this link for the registration: Click here

• If you are an International Student(from outside of US), Please click this link for the registration: Click here
• If you are a Local International Student with F1 Visa(currently attending the school in the US), Please click this link for the registration: Click here

•Location: San Jose State University at the Heart of Silicon Valley
•Address: One Washington Square, San Jose, California, USA
•Contact: smart.tech.camp@gmail.com
•Program director: jerry.gao@sjsu.edu
•Accommodation: SJSU Student Dormitory, International Housing or Local Hotel