Dr. Jerry Gao ( Program Director )

Jerry Zeyu Gao is a full professor at the Department of Computer Engineering at San Jose State University. Now, he is the director of SJSU Silicon Valley Excellence Research Center on Smart Technology, Computing, and Complex Systems. He had over 20 years of academic research and teaching experience and over 10 years of industry working and management experience on software engineering and IT development applications. He has published three technical books and over hundreds (200) publications in IEEE/ACM journals, magazines, International conferences and workshops. His current research areas include smart cities, cloud computing, TaaS, software engineering, test automation, and mobile cloud services. Since 2016, Dr. Gao and his team have worked closely with the city of San Jose on different smart city projects to address complex challenges in building future smart cities using different grants from NSF, CEC, and Cities, as well as collaborated local companies.

In 2010, Jerry Gao has been recognized by University of Texas at Arlington as a distinguished Alumna for College of Engineering at its 50th anniversary. In 2011, he was award as a KSI Fellow in SEKE2011. In 2013, Dr. Gao has received the College of Engineering Faculty Award for Excellence in scholarship, journals, and served as an editorial board member and an associate editor for a number of archive journals, including IEEE software, International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, and Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research. In last 10 years, Dr. Gao has played as one of leading roles in organizing many international conferences and workshops as a conference co-chair, program co-chair, and workshop co-chair. These include Smart World Congress 2017, Smart City Innovation 2017, SEKE06-2016, IEEE MobileCloud2013-2014, IEEE BigDataService 2014-2017, IEEE SOSE2011-2013, ICYCS'05, TQACBS2005-2006, WMCS2004-2010, IEEE EMOBS07-08, TEST'07, and EECC2006. In this year, he served as a conference chair IEEEMobileCloud2014, and workshop program co-chair AST2014. Besides, Dr. Gao has provided his technical consultant and training services for numerous international IT and telecommunication companies, including Fujitsu Network, Intuit, eBay, HP, IBM, Haiwei, Cisco, and UT-StartCom.

Dr. Subhankar Dhar ( Program Co-Ordinator )

Subhankar Dhar is a Professor in the School of Information Systems & Technology at San Jose State University. He is also an affiliate faculty member of the Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship. Dr. Dhar's research interests are in the areas of Big Data Analytics, large scale computer networks, Mobile Computing, wireless ad hoc and sensor networks and Smart Cities. Dr. Dhar worked on a broad range of problems in Big Data, ad hoc and sensor networks, distributed algorithms and routing for large scale wireless networks as well as mobile computing, with contributions to both graph-theoretic and statistical techniques. His work has emphasized the modeling of the underlying problem structure, combining all relevant sources of information, and designing algorithms especially tuned to large scale ad hoc and sensor networks.

Prof. Dhar has published several papers in refereed journals and international conference proceedings in the above areas. He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of South Florida, Tampa, and has been affiliated with San Jose State since 2001. He teaches a variety of courses including computer networks, distributed systems and web-based computing. His publications have appeared in reputed international journals and gave presentations to various international conferences. He serves as a member of the editorial board of International Journal of Business Data Communications and Networking. He is a reviewer of papers for various international journals, conferences and scholarly publications. He also served as a member of the organizing committee of various international conferences like International Conference on Broadband Networks (BroadNets) and International Workshop on Distributed Computing (IWDC). In addition, Dr. Dhar has several years of industrial experience in software development, consulting for Fortune 500 and high-tech industries including product planning, design, and information systems management.

Kenny Kuang

Kenny Kuang, CEO of Dipper Travel LLC/Senior Travel Consultant, has been dedicated to providing precise and professional training for businesses and government in China for a long time. Kenny also devotes himself in the education field. With the goal of creating “High-Quality Study Project”, Kenny has helped develop multiple US training programs for various educational institutions. His programs help students from China to explore the world and bring a platform for students to study while traveling, gain knowledge and broaden horizons.

Lina yu

Lina Yu, CEO of Pacific View Media/Author, graduated from Peking University. Lina has visited America, Europe, Middle East, Eastern and Southern Asia for in-depth reporting and completed four related books. Lina used to be an acting president of a college and lecturer. Now Lina brings her passion for conducting business interviews, training and communications between China and US. As a professional media expertise, Lina always holds a unique view from news perspectives, focusing on youth growth and education of China and US. Lina’s aim is to provide high-quality cutting-edge US study projects for the next generation.

Preethi Srinivasan

Preethi Srinivasan is a Master's Student at San Jose State University and is the webmaster for this camp.