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Green BuildingSmart Home and Green Building

Why smart home and green building are important?

Building smart home and green buildings are the important topics in building sustainable smart cities. Future smart cities will be built based on smart homes and green buildings.

What you will learn?

This course covers basic concepts of smart home and green building, and provides students an exciting learning experience on use the state-of-art green technologies to build a smart home and green building solutions. In addition, the course also introduces the basic mobile programming as well as problem solving strategies to support green building and smart home control. Students will work as a team to learn how to solve a smart home or/and green problems.

What will students take home?

The best part of all? They'll obtain hands-on project experience by working with a team using a selected smart home technology and a green building solution to form a smart and green solution.

Registration Information

• Location: San Jose State University at the Heart of Silicon Valley
•Address: One Washington Square, San Jose, California, USA
•Contact: smartcamp@gmail.com
•Program director: jerry.gao@sjsu.edu
•Accommodation: SJSU Student Dormitory, International Housing or Local Hotel