Multidisciplinary Research

Smart City Complex Systems

IoT, Cloud and Mobile Clouds

Smart Learning & Campus

Smart Sensing and Platforms

Big Data Services and Analytics

Our center Smart Technology and Computing for Complex Systems (STCC) enables SJSU faculty to conduct multi-disciplinary research projects addressing emerging technology needs in engineering applications relating to current and future complex cyber systems. Faculty and students at the Center will be provided with an effective research platform to work as a team driving innovative solutions in smart sensing, Internet of Things (IoT), and big data computing and service systems engineering for smart campuses, smart cities, smart environments and smart life and healthcare services.

Primary Aim

STCCS aims to increase multidisciplinary engineering research for innovations. It is set up to provide an integrated research dissemination strategy and platform that promotes the growth of research interest and projects in smart campus and smart learning.

  • Establish a unique platform at the heart of Silicon Valley, California, USA
  • Select talented university students from around the globe
  • Conduct cutting-edge research projects
  • Gain hands-on research development experience on emergent topics for technology innovation
  • Identify the primary issues and future needs in city-oriented big data analytics

Primary Mission

To serve as a dedicated application-oriented research center with multidisciplinary engineering faculty team focused on forward-thinking technology research. The Center aims to benefit people, businesses, the environment, and society by developing innovative cutting edge research solutions.

  • Provide a unique research platform at the heart of Silicon Valley
  • Cultivate and build multi-disciplinary research teams for cross-disciplinary research work
  • Offer research programs and training services
  • Create a research ecosystem, including multi-disciplinary research teams
  • Collaborate with industry partners, government agencies, and open-sourced R&D

Primary Goals

The Silicon Valley Excellence Research Center in Smart Technology and Computing for Complex Systems (STCCS) will cultivate SJSU faculty to conduct multi-disciplinary research projects to address emerging technology needs.

  • Building a smart big data sensing cloud infrastructure to form a well-connected SJSU campus
  • An integrated smart student learning and management system based on campus big data
  • Smart learning classes and laboratories
  • Smart campus management based on campus big data
  • Building an integrated big data service platform for SJSU campus