NSF Cyberlearning and Future Learning Technologies
(CyberLearning) in December
Knight Cities Challenge at Knight Foundation
Disaster Resilience (DR) Research Grants Program at NIST
NSF Cyber-Physical Systems CPS
Smart City Project Meeting in San Jose City Hall

Meeting with Huawei in SJSU campus.
Meeting for Emergency Project Team in college of engineering
Center Kick-off Meeting is coming soon
Smart Tech and Computing Camp (STCC) (Click here)
Silicon Valley Green Building Energy Solution Workshop (Click here)
IEEE International Conference on Mobile Cloud
Computing, Services, and Engineering (MobileCloud),
2018 – Bamberg,Germany.
IEEE BigDataService, Bamberg,Germany.
IEEE International Symposium on Service-Oriented System
Engineering (SOSE), 2017, San Francisco, CA, USA.
IEEE SmartCityService, coming soon.
Youngsoo Kim received a grant from the Defense University
Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) for DoD ($89,000),
March in 2016.
Hosting Six IEEE Conferences in 2017
KaiKai Liu, Jerry Gao, Younghee Park, Edward Fransindani
received a grant from NSF ($199,921), August 2016.
Jerry Gao received $100,000 from Huawei in 2016