Welcome to STCCS!

Center of Smart Technology and Computing for Complex Systems (STCCS)

The Center of STCCS is focused on delivering state-of-the-art engineering solutions to industrial partners and funding agencies, and provide high-quality technical consulting services and technology training to young researchers and local professionals. Experienced academic faculty, students, and research staff at the Center will carry out highly focused R&D projects addressing current and future challenges and needs in businesses, social communities, and government agencies.

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News and Upcoming Events

  • 10/2018: Silicon Valley Green Building Energy Solution Workshop Click here.
  • 10/2018: Smart Tech and Computing Camp (STCC) - "Learning, Innovation, and Leadership" Click here.
  • 8/5/2017: Our center opened AI City Challenge with NVIDIA in San Francisco, USA. click here.
  • 8/4/2017: Our center hosted six conferences (UIC, ATC, ScalCom, CBDCom, SmartWorld, IoP) this summer in San Francisco, USA. Please check the conference website here.

  • Research and Focus Areas

    Innovative Big Data Modeling for Complex Cyber Systems like Smart City

    The focus will be on identifying the primary issues and future needs in city-oriented big data analytics. The aim is to develop innovative big data model and analytics solution
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    Advanced Smart Sensing Technology Innovation for Smart City

    The aim is to identify and resolve current issues and emergent needs in next generation smart sensing technologies for future smart cities
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    Pioneering Smart mobile Big Data sensing Cloud Infrastructure and Solutions

    A dedicated team will conducting research projects on city-oriented smart mobile sensing clouds with mobile apps by extending our work for smart campus

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