Smart City Research

The Silicon Valley Research Center has organized its research fields around the following emerging smart city needs:

Big data analytics for smart city

Our big data analytics team will work with local cities to identify the primary issues and future needs in city-oriented big data analytics. Based on their feedback, the team can focus on their efforts on selected topics in the first two years to develop innovative big data modeling and analytics solutions for smart city applications and services. In addition, a future smart city big data service platform and quality service solutions will be developed as a backbone to support diverse big data analytics services.

Smart sensing technology innovation for smart city

Our smart sensing team will work with local city representatives to identify current issues and emergent needs in next generation smart sensing technologies for future smart cities. Therefore, they can study and develop low-cost, durable, resilient, and reliable sensor technologies in selected areas for smart city based on their urgent needs.Faculty involved in these projects will use big data analytics as well as smart sensing technologies to uncover the factors that hamper student retention. We plan to support the faculty to develop innovative smart learning service methods and tools for student learning, advising, assistance, and coaching.

Smart mobile big data sensing cloud infrastructure and solutions

This team will focus on research issues and demands in three areas:
a) Innovative smart mobile sensing cloud infrastructures and support solutions.
b) Resilient and scalable connectivity methods with standard protocols between mobile sensing solutions on city streets and mobile sensing cloud infrastructures.
c) Connectivity methods to a backbone resilient and scalable big data service platform. Unlike other sensor clouds and IOT systems, the mobile big data sensing cloud provides a smart city with a scalable and location-based mobile sensing cloud infrastructure with innovative solutions in mobile cloud green computing, resource provision, resilient sensing connectivity, and quality and security solutions.