Big Data Analytics - Short Course

      Course ID                                   Course Title           Faculty/Invited Speaker     Duration
BD1 Big Data Mining and Machine Learning Magdalini Eirinaki 1-Day
BD2 Hadoop Technologies for Big Data Simon Shim Half-Day
BD3 Big Data Computation and Statistics Jacob Tsao Half-Day
BD4 Big Data Analytics in Electronic and Digital Signal Processing Birsen Sirkeci Half-Day
BD5 Big Data Analytics in Transportation Wenbing Wei Half-Day
BD6 Big Database Technologies Simon Shim Half-Day
BD7 Big Data Security Younghee Park Half-Day
BD8 QoS for Big Data and Application Systems Jerry Gao Half-Day
BD9 Big Data Sensing and Services Jerry Gao Half-Day
BD10 Big Data Analytics for Government Longbing Cao Half-Day
BD11 Big Data Analytics Research at IBM Almaden Howard Ho, IBM 1-Day
BD12 In-Memory Big Data Platform Jordan Cao, SAP Half-Day
BD13 Architectural considerations for Hadoop applications Cloudera Half-Day

Smart Sensing and Embedded Systems

      Course ID                                   Course Title    Faculty/Invited Speaker         Duration
SS1 Smart Sensing, Technologies, and Platforms Sotoudeh Hamedi / Robert Morelos-zaragoza Half-Day
SS2 Bio-Sensing and Technologies for Medicare Services Logan Liu / Manas Gartia (UIUC) 1-Day
SS3 Mobile Sensing and Platforms Sotoudeh Hamedi / Robert Morelos-zaragoza Half-Day
SS4 Security in Smart Sensing and Sensor Clouds Younghee Park / Jerry Gao Half-Day
SS5 Smart Sensing and Nano-Technologies, and Platforms Alessandro Bellofiore Half-Day
SS6 Sensor-Based cyber Physical Systems Wenbing Wei Half-Day
SS7 3D environment sensing, -
Fusion of Laser Imaging Radar, Stereo Vision, and In-door Wireless Positioning Systems, Prototype Design and Performance Evaluation
Harry Li 1-Day
SS8 Smart Mobile Platforms and Embedded Systems Hyeran Jeon Half-Day

IoT, Cloud and Smart City

      Course ID                                   Course Title      Faculty/Invited Speaker   Duration
ICS1 Mobile Cloud and Mobile Sensor Cloud Jerry Gao Half-Day
ICS2 IoT Infrastructures and Platforms KaiKai Liu Half-Day
ICS3 Big Data Analytics for City Environment and Climate Impacts Sen Chiao Half-Day
ICS4 Big Data Analytics for Smart City Traffic Analysis and Assessment Jacob Tsao Half-Day
ICS5 Mobile Sensing and Modules for Smart City Robert Morelos-Zaragoza Half-Day
ICS6 Quality Big Data Service Platform for Smart City Jerry Gao/Young Park Half-Day