IEEE Smart World Congress

The smart world is set to enhance everyday things with abilities of sensation, communication, computation and intelligence so that many tasks and processes could be simplified, more efficient, and enjoyable. It consists of numerous "smart things" that can be endowed with different levels/forms of intelligence and even capable of thinking. This smart world is set to be the next important stage in human history. Research on smart world is an emerging research field covering many areas, essential problems and crucial issues in truly building the smart world that benefits humanity, and simultaneously safeguards the natural environment for sustainable development and evolution.

The IEEE Smart World Congress originated from the 2005 Workshop on Ubiquitous Smart Worlds (USW, Taipei) and the 2005 Symposium on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Smart World (UISW, Nagasaki). SmartWorld 2017 in San Francisco is the next edition after the successful SmartWorld 2016 in Toulouse France and SmartWorld 2015 in Beijing China. SmartWorld 2017 is to provide a high-profile, leading-edge platform for researchers and engineers to exchange and explore state-of-art advances and innovations in graceful integrations of Cyber, Physical, Social, and Thinking Worlds for the theme

San Jose State University

San Jose State University is a major, comprehensive public university located in the heart of Silicon Valley. As the oldest state university in California, SJSU is a distinct blend of the traditional and the innovative. SJSU is firmly committed to teaching and learning, as well as offering access to higher education, yielding a stimulating mix of age groups, cultures and economic background. Our university takes pride in a faculty that is active in scholarship, research, technological innovation, community service and the arts.

San Jose City

San Jose is a large city surrounded by rolling hills in Silicon Valley, a major technology hub in California's Bay Area. Architectural landmarks, from the 1883 Italianate-style Oddfellows building to Spanish Colonial Revival structures, make up the downtown historic district. The downtown area is also home to the Tech Museum of Innovation, devoted to the exploration of science and technology

Global Smart City Conferences

Our mission is to optimize rapid developments in science and technology, life wisdom management, and their integration into the development of resilient urban and rural life.

The purpose of our conferences, forums and Expositions:
-Publicize the wisdom of the Smart City concept.
-Extensively educate citizens of cities and the world.
-Facilitate the collaborative integration of smart technologies and processes to more rapidly improve the quality of life in our cities and communities.

A smart city includes every smarter transportation, energy, governments, homes, and citizens. We work to integrated as many as possible to maximize the benefits for all.

We are based in Silicon Valley -- Where Seventy three (73) among the fortune 500 companies are based. Their latest technologies radiate from the Silicon Valley to the rest of the world.