8/5/2017 Summit / ConferenceSchedule
Time Program Remark
From To Minutes    
08:00 08:30 00:30 Coffee and Registration Volunteers
08:30 08:38 00:08 Opening Remark Co-orgnizing Chair Dr. Jerry Gao,
Summit Committee Chair, Dr. Dhar
08:38 08:50 00:12 Smart World Congress Opening and Program overview SmartWorld Honorary Chair, Stephen S. Yau
SmartWorld Advisory Chair, Vincenzo Piuri
SmartWorld Steering Chair, Jianhua Ma
08:50 09:00 00:10 Congress program overview
PC chairs to report paper submissions, reviews and programs of the IEEE conferences
09:00 09:05 00:05 Welcome, opening remark Dean Sheryl Ehrman / Engineering college, San Jose State University
09:05 09:30 00:25 Smart City Conference opening / Speech Mayor Lily Mei, City of Fremont
The presentation title: Our smart initiatives as planning economic growth and building our innovation district
09:30 09:55 00:25 VIP Speaker Former Mayor Pat Burt, City of Palo Alto and current CEO of TheraDep Technologies
The present title: Smart and Sustainable Cities, What’s Over the Horizon
09:55 10:20 00:25 VIP Speaker Dr. Gordon Feller
The presentation title: Future IOT for Smart Cities
10:20 10:30 00:10 Coffee Break Coffee Break
10:30 10:55 00:25 VIP Speaker Professor Raj Jain
The presentation title: Multi-Cloud Global Application Delivery for Internet of Things and Smart Cities
10:55 11:20 00:25 VIP Speaker Shireen Santosham / Chief Innovation Officer of San Jose
Smart City for San Jose
11:20 12:20 01:00 Smart City Services Panel (CIO/CTO) Moderator: Dr. Subhankar Dhar, San Jose State University
Shireen Santosham / Chief Innovation Officer of San Jose
Rishi Kumar / City Council member, City of Saratoga
Jonathan Reichental / Chief Information Officer City of Palo Alto
Jo Zientek / Deputy Director, Environmental Services Department, City of San Jose
Dan Baldree / County of Santa Clara
Officer of Oakland
12:20 13:20 01:00 Lunch Break    
13:20 13:45 00:25 VIP Speaker Dr. Dinesh Verma
IBM Fellow, Thomas J. Watson Research Center,  NY
The presentation title: Edge Computing and its applications to Cognitive IoT
13:45 14:10 00:25 VIP Speaker Dr, Jin Yang, R&D Head of AI/ML of Huawei
The presentation title: AI enabled Smart Operation for the Future Infrastructure
14:10 15:10 01:00 Panel: AI, Big Data and IoT for Smart World Moderator: Subhankar Dhar, San Jose State University
Dr. Medhat Mahmoud / Huawei
Professor Abhishek Dubey / Vanderbilt University
Professor Chen Zhong / Peking University
Professor Sean Xiao Yan / Professor of ShangHai University of Engineering Science
NVidia officer
15:10 15:20 00:10 Coffee Break  
15:20 15:45 00:25 VIP Speaker Professor Sajal Das, Department Chair & St. Clair Endowed Chair
Missouri University of Science and Technology
The presentation title: Smart Living: The Next Frontier
15:45 16:10 00:25 VIP Speaker Professor Paolo Nessi, University of Florence, Department of Information Engineering
Making Smarter Tuscany and Florence with Km4City
16:10 16:35 00:25 VIP Speaker Dr. Bibhrajit Halder,  Former Sr. Architect for Apple
The presentation title: AI in self driving cars - current state and future trend
16:35 17:05 00:30 VIP Speaker Dr. Jonathan Trent, NASA Omega
The presentation title: How smart are smart cities?
17:05 17:15 00:10 Closing Remarks  Global Smart City Conferences Chair, John Lee